Best Black Sermons began in 2007 as an eBook website. With the introduction of a variety of eBook formats, this site has been redesigned. The mission of remains the same:  to present the best in black preaching–style and content. is committed to offering scholarly and Biblically based resources to assist those whose calling is to proclaim the gospel of Christ.

Have you ever wanted a printed copy of a sermon?

Some of the best sermons I have heard were neither written nor recorded. How I wished they were! These moving vignettes stirred the imagination and lifted the broken hearts of believers, living on the edge of life. To relive those moments would be experiences worthy of sacrifice. But they were gone. Black preaching at its best is the exchange between pulpit and pew; a dialogue enlivened by the personalities of preacher and hearer. The word is powerful and when pulpit and pew meet, then those moments will be re-created. will seek to make available the printed copy of the best in black preaching.

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you ever wished you had a printed copy of the sermon?


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